Our Local Artists

 Inspiring Designs by Wynema

 Wynema Brogdon

Wynema is a stay-at-home Mom or Domestic Engineer.  She has four beautiful children that keep her pretty busy.  In her "spare" time she loves to create handmade jewelry, rosaries and gifts. She describes her journey from a hobbiest to artist as relaxing and rewarding. Custom orders are welcome as well as rosary/jewelry repairs.  Please contact Wynema through the Catholic Book Exchange or on Facebook!


by Wynema Brogdon from Princeton, TX 

Member of St. Jude Catholic Church since 2004



Crafting by Kim

 Kim Overholt

Spiritually inspired cards handmade by Kim Overholt are featured at Catholic Book Exchange. The spirit of card making encourages friendship and fellowship as you ulitmately send or share the card you purchase with someone else.  Kim especially loves to create cards recognizing the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Ordination.  Catholic Book Exchange also carries birthday, symapthy, holiday cards as well as cards to let someone special know they are in your prayers.  Custom orders welcome. 


by Kim Overholt from Lucas, TX  

Member of St. Jude Catholic Church since 1995.

 Out of the Woods Creative Scrolling

 Rick Maiella

Wylie, TX

 Cross My Heart Handbags & More

 Pat Jones

Handmade Bags, Purses, Diaper Bags, Sports Bags, Bible Bags, Unique Bags, One of A Kind Bags for every occasion!  It is my desire that every person that sees one of my bags on someone's arm thinks about Jesus if only for a moment! I have a passion to express the love of Jesus thru by handmade bags.  Some of my bags are not faith based, but each bag has the salvation prayer in it's pocket, and I pray that somehow, someway, Jesus will change their life if they do believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Every girl needs that bag – the one that holds all of the necessities of day to day life. Cross Your Heart Handbags are that and so much more!  With an emphasis on a love for Christ, our bags are not only practical, but stylish and handcrafted according to your specific tastes. Custom design is available for any theme, sport, pet or hobby you can think of. 


10% of all Cross My Heart Bags sales go to Joyce Meyer's Ministry, an organization that helps: the poor, disasters, sex trafficking, orphans, prisoners and spreading the gospel around the world.


by Pat Jones from Plano, TX


 Ruth Meyers Calligraphy

 Ruth Meyers

Ruth Meyers designs watercolor artwork on parchment-like paper for her unique hand lettered note cards and framed art. Many designs offer Christian thoughts and verses.  Ruth's designs are for special people in our life or that special occasion. 


by Ruth Meyers from Allen, TX


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